“I really noticed a difference the first time I used them. As I said above I really wasn’t sure how this wool ball could help with drying time and keep my clothes soft, but they really do. I would definitely put these on my list as a must have of household products. They are really very affordable too.”
One Busy Moma

“Most dryer balls I have come across online are more expensive than this 6-pack so if you have been thinking about getting yourself some, but need a good price, I would recommend purchasing them from Allure Wool Dryer Balls. You just toss them in the clothes dryer with your clothing and they tumble around, helping to prevent static and also keeping your clothes from clumping together. Some other great bonuses with these dryer balls are that they shorten your drying time and naturally soften your clothes.”

“Why Buy From Green Allure? um because their dryer balls are pretty? yes that is definitely a good reason! Her wool dryer balls have been handmade from 100% natural wool. Pure merino wool, that is, which has been wet felted using only water and soap. Balls are washed with detergent without any chemical additives and fragrances.

They come in great colors and designs and are the most affordable ones that I have seen at 4 for $20 or 6 for $25!”