Green Allure Wool Dryer Balls – a perfect gift

Environmental Dryer Products - Green Allure

Handmade gifts are all the rage these days and if you really want to give someone a gift that is not only handmade but that is made with care and skill and that can actually help them in their everyday life, then we would definitely recommend Green Allure Wool Dryer Balls. These dryer balls are in the very top of the environmental dryer products as they are made using only the highest quality merino wool, making these pure wool dryer balls.

With these dryer balls in your dryer along with the load you put in, the time of drying is significantly shortened as the balls allow the hot air to circulate better and do its job more efficiently. Also, they will remove any static that a dryer would otherwise produce, preventing clinging and any static shocks. In addition to this, these dryer balls will also make the clothes less crunchy and much easier to iron afterwards.

Thanks to the absolute lack of any chemicals or synthetic materials or ingredients, these pure wool dryer balls can even be used with baby clothes and children’s clothes. They are not just a perfect gift, but something every household should have.