Green Allure Wool Dryer Balls – the Ultimate Drying Aid


We all know that clothes dryers do not do their job perfectly. For one, they will give that unpleasant crunchiness to the clothes and they will increase the number of creases that will make ironing more difficult. In addition to this, and maybe even more importantly, dryers produce static electricity. Static electricity will cause the clothes to cling together and it might even give you a shock.

For these reasons, in the 1960, dryer sheets were developed, a small sheets of material which were treated with fabric softeners. And they truly do seem to do the job done. They prevent static electricity and they provide additional softness to the clothes that would otherwise be too crunchy. Unfortunately, over the years, people discovered the downsides of dryer sheets. For instance, they almost always contain various softeners and other chemicals that make these sheets unsuitable for use with children’s clothes and baby clothes. Furthermore, they can become quite an expense because they can be used only once.

Luckily, today, you can have a perfect alternative to these, something that is 100% natural, that is immeasurably more cost-efficient and actually more efficient than dryer sheets. We are talking about dryer balls, or more precisely, Green Allure Wool Dryer Balls.


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