Ocean Wool Dryer Balls

Ocean Wool Dryer Balls
Ocean Wool Dryer Balls

It’s time to choose 100% natural wool dryer balls.

Ocean Wool Dryer Balls. Green Allure Eco friendly products. Felted balls of wool will provide you quick drying of clothes, secure from fabric sticking and allow enjoy your favorite things during your machine is working.

If you properly use wool balls, they will last up to three years. All these three years, you will not need to buy any fabric conditioner, your clothes will not have static cling and wrinkles. Four balls of wool dryer cost just 20$! This is the price you pay for the three-year fast drying! If you compare this price to the costs the average household spends on fabric softener, the difference is significant.

Pack of 4 balls. Size: 8.5-9 inches.

Color: White and Blue

Price: $25.00$20.00
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